Royal Crown Bottling Company
2927 Shawnee Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 667-1821
Dr Pepper-Mountain Dew
180 Wescott Drive
Ranson, WV 25414
(304) 725-8100


I am opening a new store, how do I get started?
A representative will gladly assist you. 1-540-667-1821 dial #2 then #2 again for new account information. Also you can view our new accounts section for information on how to get started.

How do I check for job openings?
Check career opportunities here.

Can I apply for a job online?
Yes and the sites are secure.

What areas do you service?

State of Virginia
Counties of Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Loudoun, and the nortwest part of Faquier including the town of Marshall but not including Warrenton, and the northern part of the Shenandoah going south to route 42 but not to include the town of Woodstock.

State of West Virginia
Counties of Berkelty, Jefferson, Morgan, Hampshire and the easter part of Hardy.

State of Maryland*
Counties of Washington and Frederick.

*Mountain Dew and its subsidiary brands i.e. AMP is not available in the state of Maryland

What products do you distribute?
View our products page for our full list of products.

Does Dr Pepper have prune juice in it?
No, but it is a distinctively different soft drink made with 23 unique flavors.

Is Dr Pepper a cola?
No, it is not a cola but, in a category of its own.

When was Dr Pepper invented?
Dr Pepper originated in 1885, one year before Coke. View Dr. Pepper History

Can you cook/bake with Dr Pepper?
Yes and it is delicious. Click here for a recipe.

Where can I buy a Dr Pepper t-shirt? has a wonderful assortment of Dr Pepper items for sale.

Is there a Dr Pepper website?

I heard that Dr Pepper can be served warm?
Yes and it’s delicious. Hot Recipes.

If Mt Dew is a Pepsi product, why does RCCB manufacture and sell Mt Dew products?
RCCB of Winchester purchased a franchise in the 1960’s and has retained ownership. For more information on Mt Dew,

Where is RCBC located?
We have 2 locations. Our manufacturing facility is located at 2927 Shawnee Drive Winchester, VA and there is also a warehouse located at 150 Wescott Drive, Charlestown, WV 

Do you manufacture and sell soft drinks that are caffeine and sugar free?
Yes, we have several, Dr Pepper, Mt Dew and Canada Dry and A&W Root Beer are brands that are both sugar free and caffeine free.

Do you have any sugar free drinks that are made using SPLENDA?
Yes, Diet Rite Cola and Diet Rite Flavors are not only made with SPLENDA but, are also sodium free.

Do you supply refrigerated equipment for accounts and can I use them for other items?
Yes, we supply equipment for accounts and NO, WE DO NOT PERMIT any other items other than RCCB beverages in RCCB equipment and you will be asked to sign a contract.

Do you charge rent on your vendors and visual coolers?
No, there is no charge but, again our equipment is only for RCCB use.

Do you carry any non-carbonated drinks?
Yes, Hawaiian Punch, Sunny Delight, and Country Lemonade all are carbonation and caffeine free.

Do you sell Energy drinks?
Yes, we distribute AMP in many sizes and in several flavors.

What brands of water do you carry?
We sell Deer Park water.

Is Dr Pepper/Mt Dew of Winchester the same as Royal Crown Bottling Company of Winchester?
Yes, we are the same.

I am looking for a snack machine and a drink machine, do you stock both?
No, RCBC of Winchester can only furnish drinks but, Surebet Services has a wide variety of snacks and drinks. Phone: 1-304-725-8100, dial 1 then extension #5

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